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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Birthday Presents

I had an awesome evening full of dancing Saturday night and I also got lots of cute and thoughtful gifts. My loved ones are the best!

My lovely cousins got me these super cute gifts:
Malfy T-shirt ( female version) by FriendsWithYou
Luckies Zipper Pulls by FriendsWithYou
Cross body purse by Kimchi Blue

My talented friend made an accordion book of pin up pictures she had taken of me. Her photos are amazing, check out her flickr here.

My loving bf danced with me like never before! He also got me:
A Drop Waist Printed Dress from Macy's
Lightbox from Amazon
Upcycle Necklace by Ecoist

My beautiful partner in crime got me these gorgeous decorative accessories from HomeGoods.

And last but not least, a dear friend of mine since high school got me tickets to see Bunbury. I used sing my heart out listening to his songs back in the day, It's going to be nice to relive memories.

All of them do so much besides giving me cool gifts, I'm one lucky girl =D

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