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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Giveaway: Camera Strap by Howard Avenue

Howard Avenue is a handmade accessories shop run by DeAnna. She is generously offering Spin on Creativity readers the opportunity to win one of these lovely camera straps. To enter leave a comment by midnight (EST) of this Friday, February 5th and one winner will be selected by a random number generator. Be sure to include the number of your favorite strap and contact info. The winner will be announced and contacted Monday, February 8th. Good luck!

Answering some questions: You can visit this awesome accessories shop by clicking here. Howard Avenue ships worldwide!

Update: Giveaway is now closed, congrats to Barbara!


  1. It's all about the fun polka dots (#6)!

    Erika Taveras

  2. They are adorable! :)
    I agree with Erika, #6 is my favorite (love the green)
    However, the plaid ones are very fun too.
    Can they double as straps for something else? :)


  3. Thanks Celia, you make my straps look wonderful!

  4. I love the name of your blog and the camera straps are superrrr cute ;)

    It's so hard to pick, because they´re all beautiful, but I guess I'll stick to strap N°2

  5. ok, i also love #6, how can I win it! I want it!
    And even if I don't win it, how can i buy one?
    BTW I love your website, Celia you are so creative! muah!

  6. I got dibs on No. 1; Hit me up through my blog if I win!

  7. Lovely and funky and cool!
    I really like # 5 or 6 the best. Gotta love green!
    Thanks for the offer/giveaway!

    jubilant_health at yahoo dot com

  8. My favorite is definitely number one!
    Contact information-
    Etsy username: ericatakespictures


  9. I think out of everyone I am the one who deserves it, hehe. I am a photographer and I my camera would look even cuter with one of these straps. Thanks!!!!

  10. Oh!!! I forgot to mention the number !! #4 will the chosen one!! 

  11. I really like #4 ♥
    Están buenazos!

  12. Oh I would absolutely LOVEEE to win one of these beautiful camera straps!!! I love photography and used to go out actively and take pictures all the time but have recently moved and then started up my etsy shop and my photography got lost along the way. After seeing all the wonderful photography around etsy and the amazing products that have to do with photography I am finally sooo happy to just start getting back into it! I've missed it so. I really really hope I can win one of these straps though, it would make going out and taking pictures that much more exciting for me! Something I can definitely use and the strap that I have now is so ugly : ( haha!

    I am so torn between all these beautiful straps but I think I would have to settle on number 5 the green circles! its just so bright and reminds me of spring and summer, my favorite time to go out shooting!

    Thanks so much for this chance to win!!! *crossing my fingers tight I do!!!*



  13. Oh man hard choice! I think I like the Black and Grey Swirls but I think I would like a Black and White Toile even better.

    Very cute shop, I hope I win!

  14. I love 4 its very contemporary and stylish I like it!